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Children's Book


"We Believe New And Independent Authors Deserve The Same Level Of Quality In Their Books As An Established Author."

We have an amazing team of professional artists and illustrators ready to transform your story into colourful and exciting images that will delight your readers time and time again. Children’s book illustrations need to be engaging, colourful and be able to spark a child’s imagination. We pride ourselves in creating some truly amazing work for our authors and every child's book we illustrate and develop is put together with love for the reader.


Some of our illustrators have worked with Disney, Dreamworks Animation, DC Comics, BBC, S4C, and Marvel Comics to name just a few. They are consummate professionals and have illustrated many children’s picture books over their careers; others are fresh out of the box with exciting and fresh ideas, ready to take on the world with their incredible character designs and illustrations.


All of our team are highly creative and skilled, so you can rest assured that you will always have a professional and high-quality service every time from Bear With Us Productions.

Book Trailers...

Delivering awesome promotion is a key element to the success of your book sales. A book trailer from Bear With Us Productions will really make your promotion pop!

 A good book trailer will help you achieve its maximum potential prior to its launch.

We can design and create either static or animated book trailers to ensure your book shines from the time it’s completed to the time it hits the marketplace.


We can produce an animated trailer that will deliver your book promotion with a cinematic feel. This can include, a voiceover/narration, a musical score, and your characters brought to animated life.

GIF/MP4 Animated/Static Promo...

We can provide you with some great book advertisements for pre and post-publicity in the form of GIF/MP4 short animations.


A GIF/MP4 advert isn't as long as a full book trailer but it’s very dynamic and lots of fun. It’s perfect for social media and works well on both Facebook and Instagram.

If an animated GIF is not what you are looking for we can simply design a normal promotional advertisement for your book to post and display on all social media platforms.

Audio Books...
Audio Books with Bear with us productionAudio Book
00:00 / 02:04
Monsters' BrawlAudio Book
00:00 / 03:47

We can transfer your finished children’s book into a highly dynamic audiobook.


Our audiobooks feature a full narration using a male or female voiceover artist/actor, sound FX to make the story really come to life and background music to set the scene. Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular and can be downloaded onto smartphones
and tablets from a host of providers for your listening pleasure.


Editing your writing is akin to polishing a diamond. It’s a crucial and essential part of the writing process.


If familiar with writing and publishing, you will understand the process writers undertake, knowing professional editing is central. Writing and editing are two different skills, and as a writer, your creativity shapes your story. 


However, editing helps your story come to life with clever linguistic and stylistic techniques. This ensures your reader remains captivated and your text is accurate and on point.


Whichever stage you are at, working alongside a professional editor at Bear With Us Productions will inspire, motivate, and guide your writing process. The finished product will be the best it can be and masterfully crafted.

Bringing stories to life with Bookful.

We love new and exciting ways of getting our incredible books and stories out to the reader.


We are pleased to announce that Bear With Us Productions has teamed up with the world leaders in augmented reality to bring you something special.


From February 2019 a selection of our titles including those from our independent authors will be made available on the incredible Bookful App.

Download the app today.


Available right now on selected ios devices

and Android worldwide.

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