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 A selection of funny and beautifully illustrated poems to help small children learn all about their animal friends from around the world’.


I have a story to tell, to tell to you all,

about Halloween Town and the big, Monsters’ Brawl. 


It happened just once on a cold-moonlit night, where creatures and ghouls got together to fight!

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 One night, when 5-year-old, Charlie, is woken up by a mysterious noise coming from underneath his bedroom rug he meets a funny little man with wings who doesn’t quite know who or where he is.


Who is this funny little old-man with wings and what or who is he searching for?


Find out the answer to these questions in the beautifully illustrated and designed children’s book, The Fairy Bampa. 


Features ten funny and charming original stories told in rhyme. 

This wonderful bedtime companion for readers 5 and up features magic and wonder, monsters, and dragons, children who can fly, ice-cream-loving giraffes, hair that won’t stop growing, funny creatures who just love to eat the rubbish left on the cinema floor, and a cloud maker who lives in the sky to name just a few. 

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With Christmas in the balance, can the three children help the fallen man; who looks to be Santa Claus, survive a blood-curdling ordeal at the hands of the demonic Krampus?

Find out in ‘A Winter’s Tale: Krampusnacht.’


A dark and wintry tale told in rhyme and fully illustrated to make your toes curl and send shivers down your spine over the festive period.

- For Mature Readers -

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