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Frequently Asked Questions.

Please find below some of the more common questions we get asked once your book is created and files are ready for upload.

Amazon KDP 

As a self-publisher, you will need to set-up an Amazon KDP account if you decide to use this method of publishing. Amazon only works with paperback titles. This is a fairly easy process and shouldn't take you too long to set it up. Once this is set up, this is now your shop window where your books can be sold from. 

Once the book is live (It can take up to 72 hours to be approved by Amazon once uploaded and approved by you), you will have a sales link that you will use to market the book on your social media pages and author groups. Your customer will be able to purchase the book via this sales link. Once purchased Amazon will print the book and send it directly to your customer. 

Amazon will pay you royalties (varying on which sales set-up you choose).


It's usually 40% once costs have been retained by Amazon for print and delivery. These royalties are paid directly to you in your chosen bank account designated during your set-up. 

There are a few choices that Amazon offers you for sales. These include standard and expanded. It’s advisable to research which one suits you and your needs the most.


More info can be found here.


There is also an Amazon Community that you can join through your KDP set-up where you can find lots of topics and help on self-publishing through Amazon.


As with Amazon, Ingramspark offers you the chance to self-publish and print your books. They provide Hardback copies as well as Paperback. 

We advise you to thoroughly research Ingramspark to make sure it is the right route for you. 


Traditional Printing Methods: If you wish to use a traditional printer for your book it is always advisable to research printers from your local area as costs and print times may vary from printer to printer.

We have no affiliation with the following companies, however, based on experience these companies are worth looking into.

UK we recommend CLOC Printing 




Chinese Market (Large orders)




The ISBN question is one we get asked the most. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique product identifier for books and related material. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to allocate ISBNs to your books, it is used by publishers, booksellers and libraries for ordering, listing and stock control purposes. It enables them to identify a particular publisher and allows the publisher to identify a specific edition of a specific title in a specific format within their output. Systems used by publishers, booksellers and libraries all rely on the ISBN to identify books ensuring they select and stock the correct title and edition. 


As you are self-publishing you have a range of options to choose from.


Amazon- Free ISBN.

This Free ISBN can only be used via the Amazon Marketplace and cannot be sold through other channels. You can also purchase an ISBN for your paperback title if you wish and this can be added to your book. This enables the paperback to be sold via other channels and printing methods as well as Amazon.

ISBN Purchase.

You will need to purchase a separate ISBN for either Paperback or Hardback versions of your title and supply to us for addition to the book for any printing or publishing aside from the FREE ISBN that Amazon provides. 


ISBN Information and Purchase-










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