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The Monsters’ Brawl 

By Andy Wheeler. 


I have a story to tell, to tell to you all,

about Halloween Town and the big, Monsters’ Brawl. 


It happened just once on a cold-moonlit night, where creatures and ghouls got together to fight!

vamp1 colour.png
pump vs troll colour.png
vamp hit wolf colour.png

This stunningly illustrated seasonal children’s book really reflects the Halloween spirit and will excite the reader with its dynamic imagery and fun and exciting story, told using rhyme. 


The Monsters’ Brawl is suitable for readers aged  6-10 and although the subject matter is Halloween based it’s only a little scary. Buy it today...if you dare!


About the Author

Andy Wheeler is from the UK and loves all things horror. He’s a Father and dedicated Grandfather and his background is in event promotion and management.


His writing in ‘The Monsters’ Brawl’ reflects his love and passion for the spooky season but he can turn his hand to most subject matters with equal enthusiasm. 


Andy’s writing style is fun, free-flowing, and descriptive. Rhyming is his specialty and comes naturally to Andy, who has been writing this way since a very young age.

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