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Bear With Us productions
is looking for a little writing superstar.

Does your child love to write and create stories? We are looking for new and exciting talent from the nation’s little writers through our new competition, Kids...So You Think You Can Write?

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The Grand Prize! 

The winning young writer will have their story fully illustrated, formatted and designed by us completely free of charge and made into a beautiful children’s book that they can self-publish as the author on Amazon KDP and Ingramsark. 


There will be two runners up prizes of Amazon gift cards valued at £50 & £25 for the 1st and 2nd runner up.

How To Enter

We have pre-written the start of a number of stories that your little writer can select from and then order from our website.


All they have to do is complete the story from a cliffhanger moment within the book using creativity and imagination.


The story deemed the most creative and exciting ending to the story by our panel of experts will be declared the overall winner.

To enter, simply download your chosen story to complete today from our website and email your entries to us before 10th Jan 2022 to with your age and full name.

There are two age ranges

and books to choose from in each category.


A special bunny lives in the woodland and she has a very special secret; she has a magical power!


When Mummy asks the bunny to help her with a task, will she be able to keep her magical power secret? What can the power be?


Pick up your pencils, get your thinking caps on...

the answers are all yours!

It’s a good day for playing pirates in the treehouse! But when a little boy and his dog swing up the rope ladder and into the treehouse, a big surprise is waiting for them. What could the surprise be?


Could this be the best pirate adventure ever?


Pick up your pencils, get your thinking caps on…

the answers are all yours!

For the last year, all a young boy has dreamed about was getting a real dinosaur for his birthday. As the big day finally arrives, he’s excited to get his long-awaited birthday gift!


What will happen when he unwraps his present?


Will it be the gift of his dreams?


Pick up your pens, get your imaginations fired up…

this story is in your hands!

All a young girl would like to do is read her exciting book, but her mum has other ideas – and asks her to look after her little brother instead. Frustrated, she tries to entertain her brother, but her book distracts her… It can’t be that hard playing with her brother, can it?


Will she be able to finish her story at the same time as minding him?


Pick your pens up, get your imaginations fired up...

this story is in your hands!

Each book/entry will cost just £5.99 with a percentage of sales

going to selected Child Poverty Charities in the UK.


Good luck!!

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​Terms & Conditions

  • Competition start and end date - 10th October 2021 - 10th Jan 2022

  • Competition T&C’s

  • The competition is open to any child between the ages of 6 and 12 years old and is a resident within the UK. 

  • The will be one overall winner from all entries received, selected by the Bear With Us Productions creative writing, editing and illustration team. 

  • There will be one overall outright winner chosen and based on the creativity, grammar and writing style of the finished story. The Judge’s decision is final. 

  • The winner will receive a grand prize where we will turn their winning story into a fully illustrated children’s book and they will receive full accreditation on the cover as the author of the book. The finished book will be suitable for all forms of print and publication including Amazon KDP and Ingramspark self-publishing platforms. 

  • There will be two runners up prizes of Amazon gift cards valued at £50 & £25. 

  • The minimum age is 6- Maximum age is 12

  • Anyone affiliated with Bear With Us Productions or its management cannot enter this competition. 

  • One entry per child in each category. 

  • The Winner will be announced on the 1st Feb 2022. 

  • The winning author’s parent or guardian will need to set up an Amazon KDP account to be able to make the book available on the Amazon website. Bear With Us Productions will upload the book onto the platform if required.

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